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Member Celebrates 30 Years in Gaskets

Direct Gaskets, a member of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association, is celebrating 30 years in the gasket business.

Hull based Direct Gaskets was established in 1989 and are market leaders in the manufacture of gaskets, playing an important role in the city’s manufacturing sector. They manufacture high quality gaskets and joints in semi and non-metallic materials which are sold in sheet and cut form.

Earlier in the year, Direct Gaskets were awarded ‘Best Gasket Manufacturers & Suppliers’ by SME News as part of the 2019 Northern Enterprise Awards which celebrates industriousness and dedication of businesses and enterprises from the north of England.

The company is registered to ISO 9001, and is a member of the Team Humber Marine Alliance and has also won awards for customer satisfaction.

Visit Direct Gaskets’ website for more information.