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To apply for membership of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association, please complete or download our Application Form opposite. Please return printable forms to the following address:

UK Gasket & Sealing Association
44 Moatbrook Avenue
South Staffordshire

Alternatively, email info@ukgsassociation.co.uk if you have any questions regarding membership.

Are you a UK based company engaged in the conversion of materials into gaskets and seals or have a commercial interest in this sector?

Membership Benefits

Read more about benefits of joining under About Us.

Membership Fees

The UKGSA has one grade of membership which includes one FREE half page advertisement in Cutting Edge per year and access to all our benefits.

Member – £525.00 per annum plus VAT. Membership runs from 1 October to 30 September pro rata.

Membership is corporate rather than personal. All employees of a company in membership has access to and may benefit from services provided by the Association.

The Executive Committee will exercise full control over application and admission procedures as per the rules governing the management of the Association (dated September 2023), a copy of which can be viewed on our website. Their decision on all matters concerning applications and admissions will be final and they will not be bound to give any reason for any of their decisions on such matters.

Code of Practice

By becoming and continuing as a Member of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association, that Member guarantees, undertakes and obliges itself as follows:

  1. That goods and services supplied by the Member shall conform fully with current UK legislative and regulatory requirements;
  2. That customer satisfaction and safety are of prime importance in all the Member’s dealings;
  3. That the Member’s business maintains adequate levels of insurance cover appropriate to the nature, scale and scope of our business activities;
  4. That all people employed or engaged by the Member are adequately trained and supervised by competent management appropriate to their job functions and that it shall operate formal internal quality assurance systems covering all aspects of its business activities;
  5. That the Member will supply goods / services in accordance with the agreed order specification and provide adequate and appropriate customer support and after-sales service;
  6. That the Member will accept full responsibility to its customer for the performance of anyone to whom work is sub-contracted;
  7. That the member will uphold the good name and reputation of the Association and its Members by offering best available advice to all customers on matters of specification and sources of supply;
  8. That in the event of any dispute between a customer of a Member and that Member, which cannot be satisfactorily resolved through the Member’s own internal procedures, the Member agrees to the appointment by the Association on an equally shared cost basis with the customer, of an independent arbitrator by whose decision the Member will abide;
  9. That all information of a confidential nature, gained in the course of dealings with another Member will not be divulged to third parties;
  10. That the Member will abide by any decision of the Executive Committee, under the terms of their approved disciplinary procedures, following their consideration of any reported serious breach of this Code of Practice including a decision to suspend or terminate membership.

As amended/approved at the AGM 03/10/2007

Members should also familiarise themselves with our Policies These include an Anti-bribery policy, Competition Law policy and Conflicts of interest policy.