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Chemours – how to engage in EU REACH PFAS process

Chemours recently held some information webinars explaining how organisations can engage in the EU REACH PFAS consultation process including why the PFAS restriction proposal matters, what is included in the scope, and how to take action.

Speakers from Chemours included:

Cedric Triquet, EMEA Strategy and Advocacy Director – APM

Yann Lepage, Head of Global Sales – APM

Frenk Hulsebosch, Program Director

For those who were unable to attend the webinars, Chemours have given their permission for the UKGSA to upload the event presentation to our website for Members to access.

Download the event pdf: APM_ REACH Dossier Webinar – Public Consultation_FINAL.

Regulatory management option analysis

The HSE has published a regulatory management option analysis (RMOA) which is a technical document examining the risks posed by the use, import and manufacture of PFAS. View the RMOA report.

Read Chemours press release dated 4 April 2023 – Regulator’s report on ‘forever chemicals’ published.