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JOSCAR Registered

Member Joins JOSCAR Register

UKGSA Member, MacLellan Rubber, has joined the JOSCAR Register after successfully passing their stringent process. The Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) is a collaborative tool used by organisations in the aerospace, defence and security industries as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance. For buyers, it provides reassurance that information about suppliers has been […]

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Shipping disruption

Shipping Disruption Continues With No End In Sight

A BBC news article on shipping disruption highlights the problems many UK businesses are experiencing as shipping companies act with little or no competition on rates they charge, whilst the UK continues to try and shake off COVID-19 and Brexit-related import and export problems, highlights Simon Winfield, chairman of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association. […]

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seals for electric vehicles

Increase in Seals for Electric Vehicles

UKGSA Member, William Johnston & Company Limited, tell us about the increase in demand for battery compartment seals for electric vehicles. William Johnston & Company have a long history of supplying vehicle manufacturers but, with the increasing interest in electric vehicles, there is now a need for highly capable battery compartment seals. The company have […]

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oil & gas industry

Types of Gaskets Used in Oil & Gas Industry

UKGSA Member, PTM/Munsch & Co, have written an interesting blog which discusses how many types of gaskets are used in the Oil & Gas industry. Gaskets are used to stop leakage between two surfaces while compressed, so is a key component in the Oil & Gas sector. PTM/Munsch & Co explain the differences between compresses […]

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white goods repaired

White Goods Repaired

UKGSA Member, East Anglian Seals, may benefit from the Government’s plans to encourage people to have their white goods repaired rather than simply replace them. With extended warranties, manufacturers will be required to guarantee products for a least 7 years and therefore ensure products continue to be made. Many UKGSA Members manufacture parts such as […]

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acquired by Amcomri

J A Harrison Acquired By Amcomri Group

UK Gasket & Sealing Member, J A Harrison, have announced that a majority stake holding of their company has been acquired by Amcomri Group Limited. J A Harrison’s managing director, Keith Shepherd, a regular at UKGSA networking events and one of the UKGSA’s founding members, issued a statement on 21 May 2021. In the message, […]

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Shortage of Building Materials

A recent BBC news article highlights how the shortage of building materials and increased shipping costs are putting UK projects and companies under pressure. An increase in the demand for projects, sourcing scarce materials, delays with imports and increased shipping costs, are all affecting the construction industry. The results are long delays in the scheduling […]

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Shipping disruption

Mounting Issues in Ocean Freight

An article published on Lloyds Loading List highlights the mounting issues in the ocean freight sector which may affect a number of UK Gasket & Sealing Members (UKGSA) who import and export materials and products. The article, written by Stuart Todd, discusses the outrageous rates which will wreak havoc on SME shippers and importers, penalise […]

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Life Sciences

New Life Sciences Division

UK Gasket & Sealing Association member, Southbourne Rubber, have extended their expansion into the Life Sciences sector and developed a new website. Southbourne Rubber have recently been offering more medical grade rubber and silicone mouldings, O-rings, gaskets and sealing solutions for British life sciences applications. Their new Life Sciences division is dedicated to the development […]

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Spring 2021 issue

Read the new Spring 2021 Issue of Cutting Edge

The Spring 2021 issue of Cutting Edge, the UKGSA’s quarterly Member newsletter, is now available to download from our website. In this issue: Corseal celebrate 15 yearas we welcome a new Member find out who we caught up with over a coffee in our new feature see which Members expand read about a new sole […]

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How to measure a gasket

How to Measure a Gasket

UKGSA Member, Corseal Ltd, have written a useful blog post explaining ‘How to Measure a Gasket’. Gaskets come in various shapes and sizes and there are different methods you can use. In their guide, Corseal explain the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) method and the Inner Bolt Circle (IBC) gasket method for measuring Flange Gaskets and […]

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Rubber Mouldings Manufacturer Joins UKGSA

The UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) welcomes The Seal Extrusion Company Limited who joined as members in March 2021. The Seal Extrusion Company Limited (TSEC), established in 2017 with its strong branding and marketing expertise, has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rubber extrusions and trims for the Automotive current and after-market […]

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Members’ Investment in UK’s Gasket & Sealing Sector

In a pre-lockdown survey, Members of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) reported continuing investment and optimism for 2021. J A Harrison have invested in top-of-the-range CNC machinery for metal machined parts including pump shafts, large leadscrews and brass nuts, which complement their PFTE and plastics machining. They have also invested in a mechanical […]

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New website for HITEK

New Website for HITEK

UKGSA Member, HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd, have launched their new company website. The new site makes it easier for customers to browse their wide range of products including EMI Shielding, Adhesives & Encapsulants; Thermal Management, Microwave Absorber, Anti-Corrosion and Antiviral Materials. HITEK are a fabricator and distributor providing solutions to protect electronics from EMI/RF interference […]

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Flexitallic Teesside

Flexitallic Expands Teesside Centre

UKGSA Member, Flexitallic UK Ltd, is set to move into larger premises on Teesside to meet rising client demand for specialist gasket materials, engineering services and engineering compliance in line with strict fugitive emissions legislation. The new facility will allow Flexitallic to expand its gasket manufacturing, stockholding, and workshop capabilities, as well as hosting a […]

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Flexpro gasket

Largest Ever Flexpro Gasket

UK Gasket & Sealing Association member, Flexitallic, has delivered its largest ever Flexpro™ gasket for use in the USA. The Flexpro™ gasket, which has a diameter in excess of five metres, is faced with Thermiculite® which is a material exclusive to Flexitallic. The material possesses outstanding heat and chemical resistance and is rated to withstand […]

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Military systems magazine

Member Features in Military Systems Magazine

A Member of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association has featured in the Military Systems magazine – again! Kewell Converters, one of the UK’s leading specialist foam fabricators and converters for batch production parts, recently featured in the Military Systems and Technology magazine with their military and defence foam packaging. Military foam packaging demands greater […]

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UK Gasket & Sealing Association member, MacLellan Rubber, pass their 2021 quality audit with flying colours.

MacLellan Pass Quality Audit with Flying Colours

UK Gasket & Sealing Association member, MacLellan Rubber, pass their 2021 quality audit with flying colours. Always taking great pride in all they do, MacLellan Rubber have passed their reassessment and have been awarded ISO 9001 2015 certification with zero Observations and zero Non-Conformances. Andrew Onions, joint managing director of MacLellan Rubber, said: “At MacLellan’s […]

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Silicone solution for COVID-19 vaccination transportation

Silicone Solution for COVID-19 Vaccination Transportation

UKGSA Member, Silicone Engineering, are working with a company who specialises in Cold-Chain logistics, to help create a cold box seal for COVID-19 vaccination transportation. Silicone Engineering were approached to find a seal solution for a cold box that needed to have excellent compression set and be able to maintain its flexible sealing properties in […]

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Sales Manager Account Manager

Key Account Manager Required

UK Gasket & Sealing Association member, Kewell Converters, are looking for a Sales Manager / Key Account Manager. Leading foam converter, Kewell Converters based in Kent, are a family run business looking for a high-performing Sales Manager to help meet their customer acquisition and revenue growth targets. Key responsibilities include developing and sustaining solid relationships […]

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