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Social Events

Throughout the year the Association organises inspiring and entertaining events for its members at locations across the country.

Events are always a huge success, as the reviews attest, and you can book your places for the next event on the Bookings page.

GCA Technical Visit 2014 - Garlock

20th March 2014


Garlock hosted the annual Gasket Cutters Association outing which took place at their Elland facility on Thursday 20th March. The event provided an opportunity for members to experience the inner workings of Garlock from what they do, how they do it and even who they are as an organisation and as a team.

The day comprised of product presentations at the Cedar Court Hotel followed by a site tour. Max Roland a representative of Garlock Pipeline Technologies, a market leader in pipeline technology and a sister company of Garlock Sealing Technologies delivered a talk on how their experiences and expertise in gaskets and seals positively impact on the industries they work with and provided a better understanding of what Garlock has to offer more widely. This was followed by an overview by Russ Pimblett the Product/Applications Engineering Leader of the many products Garlock manufacture around the globe. After a light lunch the group decamped to Garlock’s Elland facility for a tour of the shop floor and the wider facility given by Darren Mortiboy and Gerry Morgan respectively.  Darren showed members around the production, logistical and storage facilities informing members about the latest machinery and methods' that Garlock has to offer. Gerry gave members an insight into the EnPro / Garlock culture, informing members on Garlock’s programme titled “Building Our Worklplace” and the dual bottom line culture where personal development is given equal weight to financial results.

It was hoped that through this event, members would gain a better insight into the diverse range of products and innovations in materials coming out of the Garlock family of companies. Importantly, the visit gave everyone the opportunity to get a feel for the Garlock culture, values and their commitment to safety first hand.

It was good to have the opportunity to meet and talk face to face and that is why events such as this are so important in building those relationships that we all value.


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