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Throughout the year the Association organises inspiring and entertaining events for its members at locations across the country.

Events are always a huge success, as the reviews attest, and you can book your places for the next event on the Bookings page.

GCA Factory Visit 2012 - Global Cutting Technologies

22nd March 2012

 Thursday 22nd March was the day of the GCA’s Technical Event generously hosted by Global Cutting Technologies Ltd at their new industrial premises in Wellingborough, Northants.
On arrival guests were welcomed by three smiley faces;-Bob Cosford, Managing Director and two delightful young ladies, one of whose name was Jasmine.

Lashings of tea and coffee were dispensed together with a grand selection of biscuits by the young ladies, whilst Bob Cosford assisted with the distribution of name tags and a very useful memory stick which contained extensive video footage of the machines within the demonstration rooms.
We were split into two groups and the tour began, with Bob Cosford in the boardroom giving a very honest talk on the history and philosophy of the company.

Global Cutting has spent a great deal of time sourcing and approving suppliers from around the world. Every machine is CE marked and inspected prior to despatch to the UK by Global’s team of engineers.
We were shown the service department, stores and factory where a great number of various cutting presses were being refurbished and to be finally added to their competitively priced “pre-owned” range.

Nick Martin, service manager demonstrated the standard range of Swing Arm, Travelling Head, Fixed Beam, Receding Head and the High Speed Kiss cutting presses.

A brand new swing beam press could be purchased for just £2900.00.

Max Cruciani,  travelled from Italy to demonstrate the Elitron CNC Knife table which successfully cut though tanged graphite, (Like a hot knife through butter! Although it wasn’t hot or butter!) The machine has an overhead “buddy” projection system for simple placement of material for cutting. It also has an innovative zoned vacuum table for the perfect hold down of the material to be cut.
The water jet cutting machine was the finale of the visit, and although it blew a gasket, well a loose pipe fitting on start-up, which was very quickly fixed and the extremely fine jet of water worked its way around cutting a complex component.

Abrasive grit can be added to the water jet and steel up to 2” thick can be cut successfully;-. This is a very mean machine at a reasonable price.

Lunch was a very nice affair at the Kettering Park Hotel, wine and food was again was with the complements of Global Cutting Technologies.

A fantastic informative and well hosted demonstration by a member of the GCA which was much appreciated, and Global was thanked after lunch by our chairman Max Rowland.

The second part of the day was an extremely interesting talk by Melvyn Tompkins of Tompkins Export Control Consultancy.

“Have you sent any Viton O rings to Iran or Syria lately? “

“Did you know that Viton O rings are on the Export Control Organisation (ECO) list of controlled items to those countries?” 

“Have you had a knock on your door by M15?”

Melvyn’s consultancy can help you before you get into big trouble. It is a complex issue that needs specialist planning and advice. Please note; - O rings are not the only items on the lists that can be supplied by members of the Gasket Cutters Association.  You can contact Melvyn at

The afternoon slipped away and after careful consideration Max Rowland, our chairman postponed his talk on the latest innovations from PSI/Pikotek on how to isolate flanges, and to prevent corrosion with their specialist flange isolation sets.

A very good informative day though it would have been better, if a few more members had made the effort to attend.

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