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Social Events

Throughout the year the Association organises inspiring and entertaining events for its members at locations across the country.

Events are always a huge success, as the reviews attest, and you can book your places for the next event on the Bookings page.

GCA Annual Golf Day and Dinner 2011

Thursday 14th July 2011

This year’s event was staged at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch.

Despite many people driving round the housing estate where the course is located, 25 people made it to the first Tee on time.  True to my word, I made the competition this year, off full handicap, although some said I should have doubled their handicaps!

The format was Stableford, and I tried to balance the groups with a mix of low, medium and high handicappers which worked well. We also had the majority of the groups as three balls, which sped up the day and allowed people to get onto the important things, like drinking, quicker than previous years, although there were a number of people who still thought it a good idea to continue drinking until 4.30 a.m.! – Note to self: Give these people an earlier tee time next year! The weather was wonderful, peaking at 27 degrees, so The Halfway House buggy provided much needed refreshment, thanks to JP Polymer Sheetings for sponsoring it.

There were of course a number of things that happened on the golf course that should remain private….. But won’t! Like Mark Kelly’s conspiracy theory that someone deliberately planted a Wilson sand wedge in front of the 10th green to prevent him beating the pro! Also Mark Seeking’s “Value for Money” round of golf, where having already played 5 shots on the 16th, found himself 10 yards behind the tee!

Once again we had a Nearest the Line competition instead of longest drive and there was some complaints that the line didn’t go far enough for Paul Stanfield and Steve Welby! I’ll remember that for next year.    

Well done to Mark Ambrose for winning. Garlock sponsored this competition and balls were awarded to Mark, Paul and Steve.

Some people obviously don’t know their strength (Simon Winfield – Ex. Novus) on the 154 yard Nearest the Pin hole as he managed to carry the green and put his ball in the stream behind. I was robbed of the NTP by an incredible amount of backspin, but congratulations to Simon Winfield (Maclellan’s) for winning the trophy with a “lucky” shot!

Alistair Inglis, once again provided barracking sorry, coaching and advice to Simon Noble, which obviously paid off as he was the only golfer out of the 25 to beat the pro, winning a box of balls donated by Garlock.

The evening meal was excellent with great service from the staff and well attended by members and guests of the GCA. It was great to see familiar faces and also to meet new people.

We concluded with the prize presentation, with Keith Shepherd winning the individual Stableford which was sponsored by JP Polymer Sheetings, for the second year in a row with 36 points, runner up was me with 35 points.

The winning team sponsored by Maclellan Rubber, consisted of Simon Winfield, Simon Winfield and Scot Mackay who came in with an admirable 75 points. The runners up were Russell Adamson, Simon Carless and Simon Noble with 71 points.

I did notice that the winning team had signed for an incorrect score, but having consulted the rules of golf, I discovered that they were only signing for the gross score so they got away with it!

The Hidden Team competition, sponsored by Maclellan Rubber is always a talking point, as to how it is decided, but I’m afraid I cannot reveal that information. This year’s winners were Jenny West, Alistair (I didn’t even pick a ******* club up) Inglis, Keith Payne and Mark Kelly.

The main prize of the event went to Terence O’Roirdan who beat last year’s 5 points with a worthy 8 points and was awarded, not only a trophy, but a Rugby Ball sponsored by Keith Payne Products as an alternative sporting option.

We are already in the process of selecting a venue for next year, so I look forward to seeing you all then.
Simon Carless
W.C. Munsch and Co Limited


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